Shilajit helps in removing wrinkles

Shilajit, a name that needs no introduction has been used since ages to reduce or stop the aging process. This herbomineral substance that is rich in fulvic acid also helps in reducing the wrinkles formation in the body especially on face. Wrinkles occur when our skin loses its elasticity leading to hanging of skin especially at the folds and skin ends. Generally wrinkles are noticed on face initially as skin of face is thinner than rest of the body.

How shilajit helps in reducing wrinkles in body.

Shilajit as mentioned earlier is an anti aging herb that helps in reversing the aging process by removing all the free radicals in the body. Free radicals are those negative agents that make our body old. Due to presence of these free radicals deposition of debris and fecal matter occurs in cell. This fecal matter is actually the waste material that gets piled up in the cell reducing the cell membrane pressure gradient. This in turn reduces the removal of these harmful substances. As body gets deprived of nourishment due to non transport of nutrients in the cell, cell tends to age and leads to ageing process of the body.

How shilajit helps in removing wrinkles

The basic structure of cell membrane comprises of amino acids and various glycogenic substances. These structures are helpful in building pressure gradient in the cell membrane thus making osmosis and reverse osmosis process easy. This osmotic pressure is essential for depleting the debris from the cell. Due to a process known as selective permeability certain molecules are retained in the cells that are essential for the proper working of the cell functioning. Shilajit helps in restoring the selective permeability of the cell maintaining the cell nourishment and health intact. More over shilajit helps in keeping the cholesterol levels in check that are very essential in maintain the cell membrane structure.

Now it can easily be understood that if the cell membrane and structure are intact there is no questioning of skin losing its elasticity. This leads to wrinkle free skin.

This phenomenon of shilajit has been discovered recently and now it is highly adapted by cosmetic companies and these companies are recommending shilajit for reducing wrinkles to make you look and appear younger.

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